Friday, 11 March 2016

Time out

So I've been away for a while again. I was starting to feel bad/guilty for not keeping up with my blog but I realised that its ok to take time out of what you do once in a while. I believe life is all about balance and if you feel like you're not getting the right balance, there is nothing wrong with taking the time to re-evaluate your life and get your mind right.

The past few months have been a bit weird. I haven't been feeling like myself lately, physically and mentally. I also realised that I suffer (I hate using the word suffer) with seasonal depression, which my next blog post will be about.

My health hasn't been great for ages now but recently its become a bit of an issue. My bad eating habits and lack of, or to much of sleep has become a problem. I've had to take a couple of weeks off of work after feeling light headed and blacking out. I also had horrible side effects to the medication I was given and had to undergo blood tests.

So the past few months haven't been great but I've definitely had a wake up call. I've taken the past few weeks out, to set myself some goals and regain some motivation. I will be back in the gym, mainly to build a bit of strength and tone up. I'll be trying my absolute hardest to drink water (I'm disgustingly addicted to fizzy drinks) I'll be trying to eat more often and more healthy, as I mainly eat junk food and only one or two meals a day. I also need to finally do something about my non existent sleeping pattern. I do struggle with staying motivated and I have no self discipline but this has definitely been the wake up call that I've been needing.

Look after yourselves, take a break once in a while. Remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Peace and love guys x

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Shea Moisture now in Boots

Sorry guys, I'm  a bit late with this post but hopefully by now, you all know that you can pick up your amazing Shea Moisture products, in your local Boots store. Yes, I said it, Boots. How amazing is that? No more shipping fees and less hassle, trying to find a hair shop, that supplies them. Amen to that.
The beginning of this year I had, had enough of the state my hair was in and decided I was going to start taking care of it. Since the age of around 14, I've been addicted to dying my hair. When I say addicted, I mean addicted! As a result of this and continuously using the hair enemy straighteners, I've been left with really dry hair and split ends. I have now cut out any form of heat and I'm now trying to embrace my curls.

Through research and watching lots of Youtube video's, peoples favourite curly hair products, that came up the most, were the Shea Moisture products.
Shea Moisture has a wide range of products catering for different needs. Some of the popular hair care ranges are listed below,
  • African Black Soap
  • Coconut and Hibiscus
  • Fruit Fusion
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Raw Shea Butter
  • Super-fruit Complex
The products not only smell amazing but natural, certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients are used to help and solve hair and skin concerns and the products do what they claim to say.

I was happy to attend the Shea Moisture launch party for boots and I had an amazing time, meeting my fellow natural hair girls.
I'm so happy they have finally launched in the U.K and cannot wait to try out, even more of there amazing products. I've literally fallen in love with Shea Moisture!

Check out the Shea Moisture website, where you can see all the other collections they provide. You can also order your products on the Boots website

Monday, 19 October 2015

NYX Cosmetics

Ever since I started watching Youtube videos, to help me learn how to actually apply my makeup properly, I've been hearing everyone rant and rave about the NYX brand. All the Youtuber's got me sucked in and I decided I wanted to give the brand a try. The lip products have been featured in so many video's and I'm obsessed with lip products.
I was so disappointed when I realised how difficult it would be, to get my hands on them.

Last month I travelled to Las Vegas and you already know what was on the top of my list, for things to buy. I went into three different shops, on more than one occasion and each and every time, the majority of products were always sold out *cries* but I managed to pick up just a few items.

I absolutely love the variety of lip products and colours they come in. They're so inexpensive and great value. I want loads more. They are now my favourite makeup brand.

Just a few of my new goodies

This year in the U.K, you can now buy NYX products on the Very website Also, the Feel Unique website are now selling the brand. I have literally just found out that will be launching the face products in a few days. Exciting times! The temptation is to real.
They currently have a pop up shop in the London Selfridges store. Get down there quick though because it will unfortunately be gone by the end of October.

I was lucky enough to receive a goody bag, containing some of the NYX products at the bloggers UK awards and was able to purchase some bits, at the pop up shop on the day. Let me know if you want a haul, review or even just a picture of all my new NYX products x

NYX, hurry up and open a store in London. The demand here is crazy!
Let me know if you would like a review, on any of the products x

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Am I over depression?

Growing up, I hardly remember hearing the word depression, and definitely didn't know anyone, who openly went through it. Although I knew what depression was, it took me ages to actually identify, that I was going though it.
After 8 years, I can now look back and identify why and where, things started to go down hill for me. For a long time, I questioned myself and wondered what was happening.
I could try and explain to you what its like, going through depression but honestly, I don't think you will fully understand, unless you go through it, or live with someone who is going through it.

There was a time where, I didn't even want to get back to being my normal self. I was so lost and confused. I couldn't see how life could ever get better. I gave up on everything and no longer wanted to be here.

Things started to slightly change, when I noticed how my unpredictable behavior, was affecting my immediate family and seeing my mum break down, begging me to get help. I genuinely didn't want help but there's nothing I wouldn't do for my mum and it broke my heart, to see her in that state. At that point, I had no support besides my mum and two brothers. I no longer had any friends and no longer had a job. I had nothing.
I finally plucked up the courage, to go and see my doctor with my mum. It was really hard and emotional but it was the first step, of getting my life back together. My doctor had a long conversation with us and offered me counseling. For me, counseling was a straight no no. I was never the type to talk to people about my problems, so talking to a complete stranger would have made me feel way to uncomfortable. I had previously heard about antidepressants but it was always in a negative way. Ive never been one to not do something because of what everyone else had to say and I decided that this was my best option. About a week later, I could already feel the difference within myself. I  was a lot more fidgety because I had more energy and I started to want to leave my room and socialise with my family a bit more.

Anyway enough of that gloomy stuff. Fast forward, I have been on antidepressants for about 7/8 years now and depression has been a constant battle. I have had so many relapses and gone back to that dark place but recently things have changed for the better. I have stopped feeling sorry for myself and I am on a constant journey, of trying to change my mind frame and become more confident and positive. I have also lowed my dosage of antidepressants for the second time but this time its going well. Sometimes I look back on my life and even though to a lot of people, my life probably seems basic, for me, I have come a very long way.
There was a time where I literally stayed in bed, in my dark bedroom and didn't see or speak to anyone for weeks. I lost a lot of weight because I barely ate. I would only leave my room to use the bathroom and grab a drink, when my family would be out or sleeping.

I am now back to working, blogging, socialising, meeting new people, making new friends and in a relationship.  Trust me when I say, I never ever thought the day would come, when I could do such simple things.
Its great to reflect back on life sometimes and acknowledge, your achievements, no matter how small they may be.

So, am I over depression? I think I am. I still get really worried/stressed about things but I'm learning how to deal with things. I plan on coming off of my medication, by the end of the year. I'm kind of scared but also proud and excited lol, wish me luck guys.

Please be positive and things will get better. I am living proof that you can one day overcome depression. Please feel free to message me, if you want to talk or have any questions.

There is light at the end of the tunnel xxx

Sunday, 2 August 2015

My Skin And Me

Hey guys, I've decided to open up to you all and share something, that very few people, have noticed about me. Opening up and talking about my issues and insecurities, has never been something I'm fond of doing but I've realised, I have absolutely nothing to be afraid of, so what the heck, why not?

Later this month I'll be heading to Vegas, for a close friends wedding. I'm really excited, that I'll be there to witness her wedding and I'm happy, that I finally get to travel to America but one thing has been playing on my mind.

I have what you call Folliculitis, also known as strawberry skin. The effected areas are all over my legs and arms. You're probably confused and wondering what the hell is that.
Well, Folliculitis is inflammation, occurring at the hair follicle. It appears on the skin as little dark/red spots, that sometimes look like a rash, when irritated.
I cant exactly remember when I first started to notice it but I think it started when, I began to start shaving.
To be real with you, having strawberry skin has knocked my confidence, so much, that I cant even explain how paranoid I am about it.
I never show  my arms, when I'm around people because I'm paranoid, that people will look and wonder what it is. I rarely show my legs but I don't think they look as bad, so its not much of an issue.

I suffer in the summer months the most because of this, as I find it hard to buy clothes, that will allow me to keep cool but covered up.

Vegas is coming up and I've really been struggling, to find the perfect outfits and swimwear, as it's going to be scorching  hot. I've always wanted, to be able to wear nice sleeveless tops/dresses, like everyone else but I also want to be able, to feel comfortable in my own skin.
To make things worse, my bridesmaid dress is a sleeveless, one shoulder maxi. I need a boost of confidence asap!

I recently came across a product, Sally Hansen's Air brush spray for legs. Its described as makeup for your legs. You know I had to buy it!
Hopefully, I'll be enjoying myself way to much, to even care and eventually grow some confidence and not care about what other people think.

You can buy it here

A lot of you will probably feel like I'm over reacting (as I've been told) but we all have insecurities and different ways of dealing with them. Mine is to hide them.

I would love, to hear about any insecurities, that you guys might have had and are now over.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Dead Sea Spa Magik at the LNO show

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about an amazing experience I had, a few weeks ago, at the Love Natural Organic show.
I was able to attend the show with a couple other lovely blogging girls, who I have recently met. To be honest, I didn't have a clue what to expect, as I wasn't told much but I knew it was some kind of event, that promotes, all things organic and natural and that was enough for me to want to go. I was also, looking forward to the hand massage, that I had been booked in for.

I arrived at Dead Sea Spa Magik and I instantly felt welcomed and comfortable, by the beautiful ladies. I had my arms and hands exfoliated, followed by a massage, using the Deep Sleep Lavender Bath Salts, 6 Oil Super Serum and the Triple Oil Shea body butter. Massages, oils and body butters are my thing, so this was right up my ally. 

From left to right- 6-Oil Super Serum, Triple Oil Shea Body Butter, Deep Sleep Lavender Bath Salts

Body Butter 

 Bath Salt

Super Serum

I literally couldn't believe how soft my skin felt and the smell of all three products, are amazing. The lavender smell, is suppose to make you feel relaxed and the smell of Shea butter is just nice lol. 
The massage was definitely the highlight of my day, I literally could have sat there for ages because I felt so relaxed. The lovely ladies, were kind enough to give me a bag, with all three products (thank you) and I have been using them constantly. I tend to use the salts and oil in my bath, then moisturise after with the body butter.

If you're a sucker for spa products, or looking for a way to help you relax, then  I would differently recommend these products, I couldn't be more satisfied with them! I will be purchasing more, as they are inexpensive but effective. I'll be keeping my eye out, on all the other products, they produce. 
You can pick up and learn more about Dead Sea Spa Magik products in Debenhams, Tesco, Holland and Barret and also John Lewis. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Body Shop (Tea Tree range)

Right to left- Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser, Skin Clearing Toner & Skin Clearing Lotion.
All suitable for blemished skin.

We all have insecurities and my main one, is my blemishes. Even though I get told, I have soft smooth skin, I also have, very sensitive skin and a very oily t-zone, which I absolutely hate.
I guess I'm kind of lucky, that I don't get spots often and when I do, they are barely noticeable. My problem is scarring. No matter what I put on a spot, to help get rid of it, I always end up, with a ugly, dark circle on my face. Can you feel my pain, or am I exaggerating? 

I hate being insecure about this and I really don't want to get to the point where, I feel like I cant ever leave my house, without foundation on. Recently I've been feeling super insecure and decided to do some research, as I've never actually had a skin care regime. I previously used to, clean my makeup off, with a wet wipe, or makeup remover, wash my face with soap and cream it with Palmer's coco butter.

I'm going to try a few different things out but for now, I'm trying The Body Shop Tea Tree range, (which you can buy here) as I have read and heard amazing things about these products.
I ordered these three products online and they had a 30% or 40% off code, which I was happy about.

I love how the cleanser and toner makes my skin feel amazingly clean and dries out the excess oil. The cleanser claims that the foam instantly removes impurities and excess oil, for clearer looking skin.
I use my hands to apply the cleanser which comes out very foamy and dries into the skin. I leave it on for roughly five minutes, then wash it of,f with a cotton pad and warm water. I then apply the toner, which claims to sweep away traces of impurities for clearer looking skin and leaves skin looking mattified. with a cotton pad and also leave that on for another five minutes. You need to shake the bottle well because it has product, that sits at the bottom of the bottle and needs to be mixed well, for it to work. You feel a slight tingle when applying the product, but its not an uncomfortable feeling. In fact, I kind of like it lol.
I use the skin clearing lotion after and honestly, I'm not sure if its actually needed. I think I need to find a really good, matifying face moisturiser.
I haven't noticed any of my blemishes fading yet but I'm going to continue using these products and add a few other things to my regime, as its only been a bit longer than a month, since I started.

Are you insecure about your blemishes? Let me know what products you use to help fade them, so I can try them out.